Recipes Shrimp Sweet and Sour shake up the tongue

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Recipes Shrimp Sweet and Sour shake up the tongue

Who wouldn’t be tempted to see the delights of the cuisine sweet and sour shrimp that can shake up the tongue of pal kotrbiotech gentlemen.

You are confused shrimp you what to do with ?

Must have been right once you are on the suitable site, because here the admin will serve how to make Sweet and Sour Shrimp shake up the tongue.

Take a look prawns this one, are you not tempted to see it ?

Recipe sweet and sour shrimp is one of the types of seafood that are so favorite for his fans, one of which admin is very like this one.

A lot of dining options for the type of shrimp ya sob, because, basically, the shrimp has a taste that is very tasty, although only just boiled.

One of the menu options namely, shrimp butter sauce, shrimp oyster sauce, shrimp sauce Padang, and no less delicious sweet and sour shrimp, which became the food favirit admin also.

Certainly shrimp can be eaten at any time, and sweet and sour shrimp is also suitable presented when eating with the family. So whenever you want it can gaas full.

don’t forget to use shrimp that size is rather large as udang pancet this. In addition it feels more luxurious, certainly more satisfying for the portion.

Select the shrimp the most seger, will certainly give you pleasure double!

Ingredients to cook sweet and sour shrimp

The materials that need to be prepared :

2 tbsp margarine 500
2 gr shrimp pacet, sides of the back
2 tbsp Bango Sweet soy Sauce
2 tbsp lime juice
1 sdm air asam jawa
1 tsp brown sugar
1 tsp Royco Chicken Broth

Spices that need to be prepared :

8 grains of red onion
6 red chilies
4 cloves garlic
1 buah bawang bombay
1 tomato, cored

How to cook Sweet and Sour shrimp :

Put all ingredients in a blender. milled until smooth,
Then tumiskan ground spices until fragrant.
Enter shrimp that has been cleaned and cook until the color changes.
Enter additional condiments, soy Sauce, lime juice, tamarind juice, brown sugar, and Royco Chicken Broth.
Then mix well.
Wait a minute then remove from heat and serve.


The bottom line for making cooking Sweet and Sour Shrimp shake up the tongue you have to choose the shrimp are super seger, because the quality of the shrimp will effect the taste too.

Then supported by the material or seasoning that is full, as is already the admin serve above the last.

While that can admin convey on this occasion yes buddy, good luck and hopefully hooked up the taste of the shrimp steady.

Oiya if the mother of all need fish or shrimp are fresh, sialhkan can comment yes. Incidentally admin also sell a variety of fresh fish and shrimp in the greater jakarta region.

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