How to Choose Domain Name for Your Blog

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Credolayout.comIf You’ve never made a website? You also need to choose a domain for even the address of Your website.

Domain is a unique name to identify the name of the server computer as a web server or mail server on the computer network or the internet. A domain name serves to facilitate the user in the internet when access to the server.

Important Tips that we need to use when choosing a domain name, Don’t get your domain name is difficult to spell up by the visitors, so do not attract the attention of visitors.
How to tips on choosing the right domain at the article that you use, please read the article the admin below :
Important points in Choosing a Domain NameSelect a domain name that is short and easy to remember

Make sure your domain is easily spelled and typed

Tuck keywords if possible

Think of a name that will always be relevant

Use the appropriate extension

Make sure that the domain you selected is not yet used by other parties

Buy some domain extensions at once

Domain name Short and Easy to Remember
Actually free to determine the name of the domain. however the admin suggested not too long.
Because of the short domain name tend to be easier to type and read. One example of a domain name or, the second domain is easy to remember?Make sure your domain is easily spelled and typed
Take note of the domain name here :, well with that domain name seetidaknya quite difficult to remember because it is too Long.
In addition to difficult to remember, domain is also difficult typed. Because :
• The name of the is too long.
• There is a hyphen (-). Because it is not necessarily everyone knows that Your domain using punctuation marks.
• Use the numbers on the domain name indeed is not prohibited, to facilitate visitors please do not use the anka.

uck keywords if Possible
If the domain you used for the benefit of the business, it is advisable to make a domain name in order to tuck the name of your company. For example, the name of your company BRILink Nabil Cell. You can choose a domain name for example

Think of a Name that Will Always be Relevant
Think carefully to choose the name of the domain, because the domain that you purchase can not be changed man.
Don’t let the name of your domain is not in accordance with the activities of business you run, then the logic may be slightly affect the amount of visitor later.

Use the domain Extension Tools
The letters behind the domain, such as .com, .org, and .net named domain extension. Some domain extensions have its own function, for example as follows :
• .org : used for organizations and institutions
• .net : it is used for the site relating to the technology and network
• .co : use the company website
• .biz : it is used for a business site
• .info : it is used for a site that is informative
• .me : used for your site or personal blog
the domain extension “.com” is the extension number one until now. So to get domain extension .com is quite difficult.
In addition, You can also use the extension .id are no less famous. Good personal website or companies can utilize this extension.

Make sure the domain you choose not to use the other party
You do not beoleh wear a domain name that is already used other sites, moreover you order to avoid a similar domain name with the property of another brand, because you are dealing with the law.
7.Buy some domain extensions at once
Tips this is indeed the need of the cost is quite expensive. But the advice of the admin so that you buy the extensions at once to a single domain name.
Why is that ? the goal is to avoid people that are ill in order not to buy a similar domain with our domain.

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