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Posted on – How to Easily Buy Domains and Hosting
many indeed who keeps a blog, either on wordpress or blogger. One of the benefits of the community started to do marketing through online media such as websites or blog.
So the website that we create can be accessed from the internet and can communicate with the email then require the help of a web hosting and a domain name.
Web hosting is the storage place of your website’s files and email. While a domain is to function as the address of the website and email.
Unfortunately, there is still not yet understand what is domain and hosting as well as there is also confusion about how to domain and hosting.
The admin will review several ways to buy a domain and hosting, maybe you need to know this information.
Here are things to consider before buying a domain and hosting :

  1. Should be able to browse it online on the internet.
  2. You Must have a correct email address, or a free email list at
    Because of all the need of an internet connection and is performed from a laptop each. For that, mate before should first understand to making email and others.
    How To Buy A Domain
    Here admin sampaika several stages to buying a domain :
  • Visit one of the service provider’s website domain and hosting
  • Then check the domain name, whether the name of the domain You want is still available or not.
  • If the domain has not been used other people, then it says “Domain Exist”.
  • Next order now.
  • After that, please list your account or login using Your account (fill in the data with the data in truth. It will be easier for You if one day experience any problems, or would like to transfer a domain or hosting)
  • Follow up registration was successful, and the message ‘congratulations Your account is successfully created’
  • Then click continue.
  • Next select the method of payment.
  • Payment can be paypal, or bank transfer.
  • After selecting a payment method, will then be prompted to transfer the amount to an account number that has been determined.
  • Continue with the transfer, and please contact service to verify.

How To Buy Hosting
How to Buy Hosting actually is almost the same with the domain. But there is a slight difference when you do things in the first step, namely there is no need to do a domain search.
Next you proceed to the Registration Web Hosting Package, specifically for the purchase of a hosting package with a new domain, please fill in the domain name then click check.
After appearing notice the domain is available, then click continue and select the order. Furthermore, the same as the stages of buying a domain.
Here are some of the web hosting provider :

  1. Niagahoster,
  2. Hostinger ID,
  3. Kinsta,
  4. Rumahweb,
  5. Exabytes,
  6. IDwebhost,

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