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cfdbroker.medialova.comHow To Create Category In WordPress Blog lets read below.

Tags are useful for grouping the article or post. If your website or blog already have an article or post that much. Then with the category will be easier for visitors to your blog or website to find what content will be read.

The category also influential in SEO (Search Engine Optimization). For your website or blog new created by the existence of tags will help your article or post that is made faster incoming search engines.

Categories used at the time of making the article or post on your WordPress blog. To determine the category, namely by way of check box on the left of the category name.

Category located on the right-hand menu on the post page. Below will be explained about the steps How to Create Category In WordPress Blog.

If the tags on your website or blog a lot, then you should install the widget category on the sidebar. To make it easier for visitors looking for content that are needed.

Complete Guide How To Create Category In WordPress Blog

The first step is to login to the WordPress dashboard, how to do it in browser type
Selanjutnyamasukh Email address and then click “Continue”
Enter the password then click “Log In”
After logging in the words of the dashboard, in the dashboard segarah click”

The display will appear like the image below. Then the contents of the section “Add New Category”.
Name : filled with the name of the category that will be created,
Parent Category : If the name of the category is the main category, then fill it with None. If the name of the category is a sub category, then click the arrow to choose will be centered to the main category where.
Description : in the contents with a brief description of the category name or it could be emptied. The description is not displayed by default and there are some themes don’t display it
An example will make the website category. On the “Name” in the contents of the Website. Parent Category select None because it is a main category. Description in the clear. Next click “Add New Category”

Thus the explanation about How to Create Category In WordPress, good luck hopefully this article can provide benefits.


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